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Project Background

The Trading Performance Portal was a white label project in partnership with Chasing Returns and OANDA. Trading Performance is a risk management tool for OANDA’s v20 users. It helps traders better manage their risk, profitability, and return rate for their trades. Trading Performance is also a tool that provides trading history and professional grade metrics to help visualize, track, and manage your trading habits.

Chasing Returns Website: https://www.chasingreturns.com/


UX/UI Designer


Illustrator, InVision, HTML/CSS


January 2018


My Role and Responsibilities
  • Meet bi-weekly with the Project Manager and the Chasing Returns team to go over what changes were needed and create a deadline for each implementation phase.

  • Conduct a UX audit of Chasing Returns current platform and align it with OANDA’s branding. Along with outlining any changing to their platform with the correct colours, fonts, and padding.

  • Provide high fidelity mockups, interactive prototypes, and assets for the Chasing Returns team.

The Product

Chasing Returns

The purpose of this project was to take Chasing Returns current platform and align it with OANDA’s branding. While designs with OANDA’s branding in mind, I also created design annotations outlining what elements needed to change.

Since both the UX team and the Chasing Returns team were located in different countries having documentation of what requirements/changes were needed was very valuable. It helped both teams gather a better understanding of each milestone that needed to be accomplished within the project.

Design Process

Style Guide

Colour Scheme

The original interface of the platform had strong branding around a greenish teal colour that widely used across Chasing Return’s website. To have the portal look and feel more like OANDA I choose colours used within the mobile and web trading platforms.



The fonts used within Chasing Return’s platform were primarily serif style fonts. Within the OANDA trading platforms, we use sans-serif fonts specifically Helvetica Neue. So a significant changing along with the colour was adding a new font family.

Group 11.png

Design Process

High-Fidelity Mockups

While I was creating the UI designs for the Trading Performance Portal, I wanted the data and graphics to be the most eye-catching features within the platform. I used existing data colours from Chasing Returns and created colour schemes for specific charts. By creating a cleaner vertical/horizontal axis, labels, and hover states a more consistent theme was visible across the platform.

In addition to providing the Chasing Returns team with high fidelity mockups and InVision prototypes, I also gave them detailed design annotations. These annotations include changes to colours, padding, and new icon assets. I tried my best to locate where those changed were found within the code and provide the team with any additional HTML/CSS.



Reviews and Media Coverage

Finance Feeds

“The latest enhancements of the app include the addition of a new Trading Performance tool to traders’ live V20 trading accounts. The Trading Performance tool provides trading history and professional grade metrics to help visualize, track and manage one’s trading habits.”

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Finance Magnates

“The self-analysis trading management tool can be used to address whether performance is enhanced during certain days, or even different times of the day, as well as on a variety of other factors, including varying assets and products.”

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